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Eastern Honey Bee of Bali Island

Balinese women’s initiative to live more advanced with hard work, is increasingly visible with the development of the quality of Balinese human civilization with the increase of school quality into its measuring.
Native Balinese women, are generally happy to pass the time by working, helping families and cultured Hindu dharma Bali in daily life.

The nature of hard work is not only shown by the trans-migrants from Bali, but also farmers and Bali breeders. Ban village, in Karangasem regency – Eastern part of Bali island is a village that has been successful with the cultivation of its Cashew nuts. Here Cashews grow up very well.

 Historically, there was an Foreign expert and Volunteer – Mr. Aaron Fishman in 2012 came and took the initiative to help the economy of Ban villagers by setting up EBC ‘East Bali Cashew’ with other local investor teams – processing local cashews into products that are free of gluten and vegan and also zero cholesterol. He also founded Preschool for children’s education, with the aim of improving the welfare of the people in Ban village. Ida Sang Hyang Widhi  – as The GOD almighty, there is still the experts who love the native Balinese life. I can ask , “Why hate the native  Balinese life … why not take an initiative to help the native Balinese life … ??”

 Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa – The God as the most life loving, the most great who protects this  Balinese Hindu life. May all the villagers of Ban village be given the power of conscience to face the Lapili rain from Agung mountains. Peace in Bali Island, peace in thousand temples island. Forever ……

I had to keep smiling in the storm and gravel, trying to stop me.
Tears are poignant in  sincere sweep by the eternal love of ‘ Bunda ‘ beauty villager who leave in Candidasa Village, Eastern part of Bali island, Karangasem regency. My feet tread new life, the chance of life for reach the higher step  being  given by my beloved ‘ Ayah & Bunda’. Lunch and dinner tasted so delicious  when ‘ Bunda ‘ always on my side, praying in temple together. “Be pasih melah …” (Fresh fish from the sea) said my older brother who never counts his love, showing the way of life for me. The eternal humanitarian value of the Eastern  of Bali Island. Thank you forever, May God  ‘ Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa’ give the fortitude to face natural disasters on this Bali.

 With hard work of the native Balinese, since the 1980s on dry and sandy land has been successfully converted as cultivation fields of cashew plants or cashew nuts.

By Ban village communities, North-East Karangasem Regency makes cashew (Anacardium odcidentale) as their  main livelihood. Cashews that are high in value and popular in the international population, thrive in Ban village, Eastern of Bali Island.

Who would not fall in love with the hard work of the native Balinese in Karangasem Regency ….???

Reminded, that this is super high value Bali innovation add  the luxury value of Bali island.
Recommendation : Observation of Cashew Farming in Ban Village, Kubu District, Karangasem Regency, Eastern of Bali Island.

Comprehensive research on supporting components, including:
a. Provide superior seeds through the development of nursery in the field.
b. Integrated pest and disease management.
c. Study of soil minerals and introduction of technology in land treatment.
d. Producing organic fertilizers suitable for soil conditions. e. Land use through agro-forestry concept.
Adoption of organic agriculture and appropriate technology through agricultural intensification and harvest optimization.
Build a learning center as a place to learn to organize and obtain information about cashew farming.
Establish a community organizer to assist the process being built to achieve the goal.
Build market access through cooperation with trusted companies or business units.

Penelitian komprehensif mengenai komponen pendukung, diantaranya:
  1. Menyediakan bibit unggul melalui pembangunan kebun bibit (nursery) di lapangan.
b.Penanggulangan terhadap hama dan penyakit secara terpadu.
c.Kajian mengenai mineral tanah dan introduksi teknologi dalam pengolahan  lahan.
d.Memproduksi pupuk organik yang sesuai dengan kondisi tanah.
e.Pemanfaatan lahan melalui konsep agroforestry.
2.Adopsi pertanian organik dan teknologi tepat guna melalui intensifikasi pertanian dan optimalisasi hasil panen.
3.Membangun learning center sebagai tempat belajar berorganisasi dan memperoleh informasi seputar pertanian jambu mete.
4.Membentuk Community organizer untuk mendampingi proses yang sedang dibangun untuk mencapai tujuan.
5.Membangun akses pasar melalui kerjasama dengan perusahaan atau unit bisnis terpercaya.

Wow … Rosella Tea … !! A magic nature tea from East-Bali land. Put one tea bag into this cute white mug, pour hot water in and leave for 2 minutes. Fragrant smell come out covering the day and inviting the desire. A spoonful of nature honey will add the taste and this enjoyable …. !!
As the research suggests that Rosella is the nature cure for keeping our healthy quality.

Benefits of Rosella nature tea for health:
1.Source of antioxidants
2.Prevent cancer
3.Natural diet
4.Lowering blood pressure

Ok Boss, Happy reading, happy working and happy on scheduled the vacation to Bali Island and put visiting East Bali Cashews as one of your trip destination….!! As the God Almighty that EBC – East Bali Cashews in Ban Village, Karangasem Regency, North-East of Bali Island is out of the direct danger zone.

Here noted  “ Not to worry though – as EBC factory facilities are located 12 km away from the crater, EBC are out of the direct danger zone”. Please check on instagram@eastbalicashews

Thank you,

Luh wahyuni

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