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The White Cloud of Bali Island – Klungkung Regency

 ” Ulam – ulam segara …! ngiring nampekin … !! ‘ the sacred voice of the Balinese women in Pesinggahan – fishermen village, her hands are skilled, her heart is sincere and the purity of her life instinct brings eternal peace in my heart ….

The cold wind can not stop the spirit of  her life, always try to keep these family breaths. Modern native habits in the villages of Bali island. Hard working culture is protecting life of children and beloved husband.

 Ohhh …., there’s no way I’m far from the life of my native Balinese fashions, who are very hardworking and able to create the fully peace into this life.

A small pieces Bali sweet accompany with a cup of sweet black coffee can fill the desire…

All are served perfectly on small corner in my own spot. Nothing can measure my head …what still in my head, just move on without follow any words dropping.

Suprising ….!!! Fresh fish smell much easy to find in this small village. Friendly lady come and offer something ” Fresh Pindang please…!! ” it’s sound really interesting…..!! Try to have a look a basket of fresh fish and ensure all are in good and ready to cook. Bring me one basket of it, ehh…two could be perfect …..!! It’s traditional fresh fish ‘ Pindang ‘ from Kusamba village, Klungkung, Bali island.

These wet eyes continue this life story. Silent day following the previous smile in cloudy, fly and fly so far away try to move on from this cold attack.

Where is My Romeo – Indonesian Movie

Rural village waking up people to do something. do not asking what for …? May it’s just stupid question which should be never arrive into this earth.

In fishermen village covering by fishing cookery who are working hard starting from early morning till the end. Forget the time to go to the bed, just working and meet this life goal….don’t you believe …??

 It’s not crazy villagers but this is the highest heritage of life fighters. An exact magnifique fish cuisine art with unforgettable taste is presented filled the demands.

Moody, sad and mixed with disappointment. The ancient myths, greedy human hearts and unfamiliar human civilization, impolite or wild part from materialistic human beings – destroys the native Balinese life develop. Fortitude, patience amid the real modern life competition, sincere life story with a strong eternal smile.

Continue to walk with my imagination, together with truly native Bali friends. Through the streets on Kuta, Bali. Ouuppsss …… this motorbike stalled, the sign arrived at the destination …. !!  “Friends, we are native Balinese, we work honestly and sincerely … !! Although the evil always destructive and never treat indigenous Balinese as human beings with good economic value….” Mmmm…!!” will keep this patience smile till the End……

Spoonful of ‘Bubuh sumsum’ with its delicate Bali taste, could return my own Bali smile.

I should laugh into my own, spend the day for nothing, only this nature Bali porridge will understand everything’s. I do not permit anybody to know and interrupted these eyes spread out the view.

The wild local – foreign couple stand up and splited ‘ Bali island belongs to the world’. This is the craziest human quality ever. create abundance life decrease, including sloping down the Bali into nation politic interruptions.

Nature grains of white crystals scattered on the black sands of the sea in Kusamba  until Pesinggahan village, Klungkung.

The sun rises to the sound of the nature from behind of the rocks, a sign of salt farmers already start to  work. The roar of the waves adds to the charm of the nature lovers in rural village life atmosphere.

 Modern innovations are increasingly introduced in the working culture of salt farmers, to improve the quality of traditional salt production into ‘Boryodium’. Who is making innovation … ?? The village development led by Klungkung region government to improve people’s economic quality. Raw materials of salt taken from seawater into old water, which is picked up by farmers in early morning.

Aduuuhh … I must go quickly, searching for any ingredients for makin g offering ‘ Upakara Hindu’, It’s  near time to go for praying …!! The traditional market in Semarapura town, Klungkung has progressed and its people have also managed to improve the economic quality.

Friendly in natural smile and social value of  life in Semarapura society, which still live with traditional custom and tradition of Hindu kingdom of Klungkung, Bali. ” Beliau…” is always friendly and courteous when greeting me, regardless of economic or social level. They always live modestly in the traditional Balinese Hindu custom of  Klungkung that is beautiful and captivating.

 Open the door and come into my own Bali palace … !! A sense of longing like to hold thirst in the heat of the sun. “Hi, dear … welcome home … !!” welcoming by  my beloved family who is very happy to see their daughter can go back home.

The age on the wise face, never covered by tired on educating me and accept myself who always ask for help ….. ” Tolong … (Help….) !!” … we are amid in atmosphere to share our life experiences to release the longing. And we drink Balinese original coffee together, ” I love Kopi Luwak Bali so much …’ as they said …..it’s  lovely time when we can life together for continue our Hindu ceremony ……

Day turns into the afternoon, I was busy pulling weeds in the garden, watering flowers, preparing dinner for my lovely family. And choice traditional Bali menu for tonight…Mmmmm Yummy….!!! The ceremonial of ‘ Pengrupukan ‘ one day  before Nyepi day.

 Gamelan Baleganjur boisterous sounds accompanying ‘Ogoh – ogoh’ Bali from the banjar – Bali community  in front of my home …., the incenses smoke, sprinkling fragrant smells. This is the most marvelous fashion of the native Balinese in Klungkung, Bali island.

 This ceremony is a ceremony performed to expel Bhuta Kala or crime committed late afternoon (Sandhyakala) after the ceremony ‘ Mecaru’ at home level ) a day before the ceremony Nyepi.

‘Pengrupukan’ usually enlivened with ‘Ogoh-ogoh parade’  which is the embodiment of Bhuta Kala who paraded around environment, and then burned. The goal is the same that drive away Bhuta Kala from the surrounding environment.

One by one the children ran to pick up ‘Ogoh-ogoh‘ and paraded with excitement and joy. hopefully Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa always provide protection and better future…..

Introduce typical cuisine of Nusa Penida, Klungkung. ‘Bubuh Ledok’ – ‘ Ledok’  porridge is made from sliced of corns and cassava boiled with vegetables ; long beans, red beans, and basil leaves.

Traditional ingredients from natural are added to the mixture of corn and cassava, such as: salt, shrimp paste, chili, and garlic. Porridge and seasonings are stirred slowly or “Ledok” until cooked.    

‘ Ledok ‘ porridge  are served with peanut or special ‘ Pecel ‘ seasoning on its presentation, the porridge  is presented with fried anchovies, sea fish ‘Abon’, and vegetables doused with peanut sauces on it. ‘ Ledok ‘ porridge is usually presented traditionally in a bowl or ‘ Tekor ‘ of  bent banana leaves.

By Nusa Penida villagers, ‘ Ledok ‘ porridge is believed to be a natural cure for people with diabetes. Let’s try once upon visiting Nusa Penida Island, Klungkung, Bali.

The glory of Bali cuisine ‘Babi guling’ – a mixture of crispy roasted pork, serve with ‘lawar Bali’ as side dish, always available in every regency on Bali island. Balinese cuisine which is made by pork has become a Balinese tradition with rich cooking art and distinctive presentation innovations from each regions. Please, do not forget, choose ‘Babi guling’ as a family menu while on vacation to the island of the Gods. 

 A bowl of fresh fish soup, fried crispy peanuts, seasoning fresh vegetables ‘ Plecing’ or mixed vegetable ‘ Urab’ with  grated young coconut, ‘Sambal matah’ fresh chop seasoning, satay wrapped from fish with Balinese spices. Table d’hôte from ‘ Bali lesehan ‘ in Pesinggahan village, Dawan, Klungkung.

 Not only the typical taste of Bali cuisine that is served, the tradition of having with ‘Lesehan’ traditional stall becomes a cozy culinary nuance for visitors.

 It’s offer in good  price and menu  ingredients take from fresh tuna – the fish catches by fishermen of Pesinggahan village. Let’s enjoy the comfort of luncheon in the middle of village lifestyle, precisely in Pesinggahan tranquility beaches and find Bali cuisine innovation in the island of the Gods that you always miss ……

 In unique of Klungkung with sustainable kingdom tradition era, sacred dances as the culture, indigenous lifestyle of Bali surrounded by beautiful nature and able to give conscience in the middle of holy temples Hindus – Bali. 

 Klungkung community is part of Bali residents who love to eat vegetables. “Serombotan” is a very popular dish from Klungkung, besides made from fresh vegetables, nuts, crispy fried tofu & ‘ tempe’ from soybeans, boiled eggs, peanut sauce, also served with authentic ‘Sambal nyuh’ – mixed coconut paste with original Bali flavor.

 Grilled chicken with ‘sambal matah’ typical of Bali also served with ‘Serombotan’. The art of roasting chicken is poured in spice innovation to marinate chicken meat, made from grated turmeric and mixed with coconut oil.

 Grilled chicken with ‘sambal matah’ typical of Bali also served with ‘Serombotan’. The art of roasting chicken is poured in spice innovation to marinate chicken meat, made from grated turmeric and mixed with coconut oil.

 Thank you,

Luh wahyuni

C’est la mode de natif Balinais
dans la partie nord de l’île de Bali, Buleleng Régence, Indonesie
Bienvenue à l’innovation de l’agriculture moderne à l’île de Bali …. ” Des Fruits Balinais …!!!”

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