Sunday, May 6, 2018

At The End of East Bali ….

 East Bali island, as part of the island that holds millions of natural and cultural charms. The roar of dance spirit ‘Gebug Seraya’ characterizes the identity of Balinese life in eastern part.

 The charm of Bali ancient village – Tenganan village that provides the charming of nature, Bali fashions and creative lifestyle of Balinese in simplicity of ” Bali Aga – original Balinese “.

Let’s continue the beautiful dreams on Bali island to Tumbu village, banjar Ujung, Karangasem, Eastern of Bali island. The love of Bali and want to know further the island of Bali will never be measured by the distances and times.

 Refreshing and giving your own minds in the peaceful of Bali island, will take you to Balinese garden ” Taman Ujung “. The ancient garden which in its history as resting palace and banquet of the king family in  Karangasem royal stories.

The sound of water falling over the rock, gurgling captivating the soul, adding to the tranquility of the sound of the heavenly nature of the gods island. From the top of the highest hill, falling following the waves of water slammed by the wind …..
White lotus poking out in the middle of the rock, the true fragrance accompanying the soul that is meditating in the middle of the rural Bali village ….

 Like a bamboo flute, singing to split the earth. Giving a cue to the crane in the middle of the rice field ….. bowed, silent and wisdom in your holy devotion.

 Ujung park, Tumbu village, Karangasem regency  is new inspiration to meditate in the middle of the natural countryside of Bali island, in Eastern part.

Thank you,

Luh wahyuni

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