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The Rustic corner of Bali Island

The world is shaking, when the wave tidal at Uluwatu, in the southern island of Bali. The soul and spirit of native Balinese life & cultures  proved able to deliver this island as the world tourist destination ... and grow up as tourist center region of Bali island !!! There is no word that will be able to dampen down the spirit of life from the native in this part who are Hindu Dharma in Republic of Indonesia.
Enjoyable Fishermen village, Jimbaran Bay .... ?? It is my paradise corner which Unmatched in my heart !!!

 Small waves fill the white sandy beaches, dropping  the rockies. Amazing every ones looking at it. The island atmosphere dis-weed from the southeast corner of Bali island, precisely the new paradise of Nusa Penida island. The wind blows toward the blue sea to the south part and  continues to penetrate the clouds into the island of Suluban beach, Uluwatu, Bali.
Clear water with white sandy beaches, the dream of Bali sea lover who covered the life of fishing village in Uluwatu , Bali island. The memorable inviting, fly away as free as “ Jalak Bali “  of the island. Do not you miss it ... ???

 Native Balinese in Jimbaran bay are not strong people, they are civilized, they much know & understand how to build an International Tourist destination. They are intellect on native Balinese cultures ......

Blaming  native Bali in their island is not respected as human civilized, they are working hard to be our Bali Island tourist majority !! Impossible to keep negative taste on ours lifestyle. Impossible to follow screaming out of others and mix up into ours native Bali.  May God Bless you .....!! We are Hindu Dharma Bali of Republic INDONESIA

Hey, it is lovely day. Spending all the minutes in the spot of Kuta, Bali. All subsided in the blue waves of the village of Legian, Kuta. Who is able to dampen the most powerful  of the Most Merciful God.
Keeping in touch, day by day upgrade. Continuing own life stories on this part of the world.

Wow...what amazing sweet tasteful through this lovely morning...!! Do you know the kitchen of who smells fragrant ....??? Great ..... my beloved Indonesian kitchen ....!! As the God Almighty i would never go away from this black sweet coffee paradise ....!! Oh ......
How big this nation population, numerous cultures of all ethnics in Indonesian archipelago bearing awesome nation innovation. In this modern century Bali island is selected as the heaven of our nation expert innovation. Do not miss it….!!! The Golden Triangular Road is connected Klungkung land and Nusa Penida island, including modern port is the real modern innovation will born soonest only in Gunaksa village, Klungkung, Eastern part of Bali Island. The island connection in between Bali & beauty Lombok island. Lucky for us and all, no doubt ....we gonna jumping to Gili Terawangan Island in Lombok paradise.

" Ouupps .....  as the God Almighty..... my stones and sands  disappear from my visage, throw away with the strengthen of the winds. Good bye and never hold this life stories anymore ....!!" ...Astungkara antuk Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa."
Kali Unda tourism, Paksebali village, Klungkung, Bali has been growing with the increase of national and international tourist visit. Natural white curtain from the waterfall much in demand as a place of pre-wedding photos, alternative choice besides of Kertha gosa in Semarapura town.

Mom, can we move from 2nd world level into bit nearby 1st world life quality ??? Smile with hopeful.....!!
Dear, Accept the reality of upgrade our life quality is the best way to achieve the dream, prosperity is the most important in between difference cultures and words used, making mutual relationship with others for better future. It's the answer ......

 Rustic countryside, villagers still enjoy gardening and farming. The cultivation of 'sandat' flowers and 'cempaka' ( crysolite ) became inhabitant choice in Paksebali village. The beautiful coconut groves that surround the village, towards the charming hills.

Pretending the Hindus add the beauty of Paksebali village. Fragrant incense and flowers adorn the village as a sign of cultural life of  Balinese Hinduism. Who would not be fascinated by her beauty ... ???
Where is that beautiful voice to be ... ?? How peaceful the strains bring the peace of conscience. Beautiful natural full of charm that can not match it.

 The sacred "chant" is presented by the prayers in front of the greatest 'Pelinggih' which is majesty in the temple plot of Paksebali village, Eastern of Bali Island, Klungkung. Bali traditional music 'Gong lelambatan' adds the glorious atmosphere of the worship of  Hindu Dharma Bali.

Are you Bali Archery lover ….? Will come soon …..and Welcome to Paksebali Village ….!! The Eastern of  Bali Island  taste  on this seasons  trend ….!!

The smell of sandalwood like an angels of life that change and bring the mind to the peaceful world. Balinese flowers “ Sandat and cempaka “ (lyang & crysolite) typical of Bali that has a characteristic in its smell of natural perfume which is very fragrant flowers. In this sacred morning, “ Sandat and cempaka “ flowers are used to decorate 'Canang sari', offerings of  Hindu and decorate Balinese women's hair. Ohhh .... how peaceful ... live in a fragrance ... !!!

Bali Traditional Umbrella ' Tedung '

Maqnifique traditional gifts from Paksebali village can be picked-up during your traveling to Eastern of Bali Island, Klungkung Regency.
Creative Balinese hand-skilled on making traditional umbrella ‘ Tedung ‘ . It should pass an hand made process and little part use sewing machine.
Umbrella-making techniques, starting with making umbrella stems using ‘Albesia‘ wood, done by men. Continue to create frame of umbrella using wood, bamboo and yarn as binder. When the umbrella frame has been completed, the next step is to assemble satin, cotton, or velvet cloths on the umbrella frame. The use of each type of cloth depends on the order, of course, with different prices and quality.

Assembly of cloth on the umbrella frame is also done by sewing using sewing machine. This work must be done carefully so that the needle is not broken because of the bamboo touch. The next process is making the umbrella tassel by knitting wool. The color of the yarn is adjusted to the color of cloth used, in order to obtain harmony and the color of umbrella. The last step, is the application of ornaments on the umbrella by attaching or polishing ‘ Prada ‘.

The Art of ' Prada ' Crafts

 In this modern era, prada craft has become a profession and the main job of craftmen. Previously, prada craft only used as a side job of housewives in Paksebali village.
The products that are created are Balinese Hindu rituals equipments such as ider-ider, umbrella (tedung), langse, wastra, kampuh, ulon and others. Ider-ider and umbrella (Tedung for ceremonial equipment) is the most dominant product produced.

The first step of making is making pattern or motif by way of solder to facilitate the installation of prada color, because the basic material used is velvet cloth, if the basic cloth does not use a motif or patterned bludru cloth in a pencil case ; secondly, the installation of prada color with polished way using brush tool on pattern / motif surface.

Thank you, 

 Luh wahyuni

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