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 "Dharmaning Ksatriya Mahottama" became our life symbol and motto of Balinese are Hindu Dharma Indonesia, in Klungkung, Bali. Balinese culture and traditional custom use in the community is based on Pancasila as the state of this REPUBLIC INDONESIA.

The region government lead society of Klungkung, Bali by creating development programs in Klungkung Bali, ie ; GEMA SANTI . This program aims to develop human qualities of Klungkung, Bali to be  polite and innovative.

Bali Tourism...?? Balinese society in  Klungkung  is great. They built life quality step by step making positive movement by their  human capital culture. GEMA SANTI  program is created by Klungkung  region Government try to maintain and upgrade quality of  society traditional custom and culture.

Simple lifestyle  with gorgeous Bali Culture, bearing  this nation  tourism island brand with international quality. Nation modernization through quality education of Balinese as part of this REPUBLIC  INDONESIA. 

How and what the way use to implement GEMA SANTI as the real Bali human capital program? Klungkung region government try to use local product for all life activities consumption in daily life. As life challenges for all youth organization, villages development, “ Subak “ traditional farmer organization, upgrade art organizations activities and conduct the art and culture festival in certain calendar.
Klungkung region government keep controlling and evaluate all activities, initiative, development from all organizations and ensure their quality traditional Bali custom and culture in our life operational
( GEMA SANTI – KLUNGKUNG MENARI  –  Culture & Tourism Department Klungkung          Regency, Bali )

Improving quality social & economic society in Klungkung regency by upgrade disciplinary of administration quality of small business from the society part ( UMKM ) , Koperasi ( Business organization that is owned by someone in the common interest), etc. Region government making evaluation regularly for their quality movement, to ensure how far the improvement could be upgraded. ( GEMA SANTI – KOPERASI SEJATI, UMKM TANGGUH ; Diskoperindag Pemkab Klungkung , Bali  )

Tackling intern couple dispute / intern violence ( KDRT ) and child abuse by making the rules along with sanctions for violations.

" Taskin " ( Poorness treatment )  is greatest our region government program. Poorness treatment by certain program. Region government provide special budgeting for any donation and service for all society which is still live under Indonesian live prosperity  standard. Provide simple home, provide Sembako (Rice, noodles, sugar, etc.). They also provide free health care for society as free eyes problems check-up, free fogging to society home area on Dengue fever mosquitoes eradicate, etc. ( GEMA TASKIN – By DINSOS NAKERTRANS Pemkab Klungkung )

Working partners concept is solution in repairing and improving the economy of  Klungkung population. This concept is implemented for economic development sectors, such as;  Agriculture, Fisheries, stocks husbandry, Rural tourism, Tourist attractions places, etc.

Preservation of natural resources and the environment in a sustainable utilization. Nature becomes the attention center on develop Bali island as the world tourism island. Klungkung region is already conserving Bali nature and on the basis of  PRESIDENT   REPUBLIC  INDONESIA decision, set up  Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan island as the conservation areas.

Small hidden islands “ Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan & Nusa Lembongan “ and have been successful on developing Mangrove forests, Bali white starlings and also preserve the wealth of coral reefs under water sea of this small islands.
Improving the quality of environmental hygiene and liberate the area from the waste by creating “Ecobrick“  program. An Ecobrick is a plastic bottle stuffed with non-biological solid waste to create a reusable building blocks. procurement tool counter, plastic prepaid and reduce plastic used in supermarket as the solution.
( GEMA SANTI - GEMA BESTARI - by Region Sanitation Department)

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