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The luxury sonata of love, melodious sound fills the longing heart missed. Rope stretched equator, around the archipelago  of  INDONESIA.

How beautiful, sheen that you emit from Klungkung, Bali linked love with the heaven of  luxurious gemstones on Kalimantan island, INDONESIA.

I will not let the sparkle it  passed in front of me only. I will hug it forever .... !! And you ......

This is voice of Sundal Bolong Bali - http://luhwahyunibali.blogspot.com

Kecubung Violet Gemstones of Kalimantan Island, INDONESIA

Natural purple color on purple andWulung“  gemstones are very well known by the public of gemstones lovers. Both domestic and International community

Jewelry used in dressing, reflect a person's intellectual level and beautiful character of the wearer

 How great is the grace of God, on Kalimantan Island, INDONESIA we can find purple andWulung” gemstones with high artistic value and nature colors that captivate.

Silver Alpaka Bali tear by gold  from Klungkung, Bali, INDONESIA

Silver Innovation from the art village, “ Kamasan village”, Klungkung, Bali - creating Alpaka silver gold plated. Reasonable price is offered to the public with high quality Bali sculpture.

Bali Alpaka is used to decorate traditional clothKebaya”. They wear it during praying to the temple, attend official or not official invitations, etc.

Bali Alpaka can you find in Art Market of Klungkung, Semarapura Town ( Easterly of Kerthagosa).

Beautify yourself by wearing Alpaka Bali on your pretty Kebaya  ......

Natural Zamrud Gemstones of Kalimantan Island, INDONESIA

Green Zamrud Gemstones, with a flash of green light that naturally show its quality and authenticity of this gemstones. Native Green Zamrud gemstones from Kalimantan Island  has a distinctive natural light.

The Green color is the eternal peaceful symbolizes. Make Green Zamrud gemstones be your choice. Your smile will be more wise if your dressing decorated by the magnifique Green Zamrud gemstones from Kalimantan Island.

Please do not miss it...!! Get native Green Zamrud gemstones from Kalimantan Island, INDONESIA.

 Woven gold silk thread " Songket Klungkung " - Traditional Bali woven cloth from Klungkung, Bali, INDONESIA

Silk threads of gold and silver establish love in a woven work of skilled craftsmen and a beautiful hand woven Songket Bali in Gelgel Village, Klungkung, Bali, INDONESIA.

Variations of motif are poured on the threads to be woven. Many women in this Bali village keep their  livelihood as a weaver. Songket woven cloth is  produced within 2-3 months ( Every single production ).

Natural Red Borneo Gemstones of Kalimantan Island, INDONESIA

WOW .... should be given to this type of gemstones from Kalimantan Island, "Red Borneo". 

Who harbored love for Red Borneo ?? Captivated hearts with pink, fine-textured without cracks, no streaks of thin cream color or black on its surface. Pink exudes natural luster.

Red Borneo, Gemstones as the most popular because it is held by its lover.

"Red Borneo" gemstones is  Indonesian native who exactly comes from Kiram Village ( Mount Pematun ), Karang Intan, Banjar Martapura District, Kalimantan - INDONESIA

Why should be confused ....? Drop your choices on  ' Red Borneo' gemstones to complete your jewelry design …..

Flowers woven motif typical " Songket Klungkung " Traditional Bali woven cloth from Klungkung, Bali, INDONESIA

"Ahhh ...... drinking a cup of white coffee luwak ... !!" It's my best desire for this minutes..... Emmuuuuaahhhh.....Top ..., i get the real taste of Indonesian coffee!!! Cloudy with little bit raining in outside of my room window.....

The starters come to Gelgel Village for update practice and continue become
novice weavers. This modern-day Songket motifs innovation is growing in the line with development of design in  INDONESIA. But Gelgel village craftsmen are still continue producing Songket with Classical motifs.

Songket increasingly popular with the public of INDONESIA and International. In Bali, Songket used in religious ceremonies Hindu Dharma Bali - INDONESIA. For example; Wedding ceremony, Mepandes, Temple ceremony, etc.

Do you have an idea to create a magnifique design for fashion, living room, classic room collection, etc ...? Welcome to Gelgel Village, Klungkung, Bali to lean further considering on the way of  craftsmen who are weaving “ Songket Bali “. And choose the appropriate Songket motifs with design patterns that you will create. Happy working .......


The Origin Red Borneo Gemstones of Kalimantan Island, INDONESIA

Gemstones 'Red Borneo' was remarkable. Red Borneo collectors are increasingly interested in looking and looking again ..... because the natural sign and beautiful color of this gemstones.

The public can have different types of gemstones from Kalimantan Island, with other types and prices which are less expensive than 'Red Borneo'.

Let add your gemstones collection as your favorite, make fun jewelry design conscience and prices to suit large and small of your wallet .....


 Why....?? This is the real Luxurious of  INDONESIA

Thank you,

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