Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ada Hantu Di Vietnam - Starring by Roger Danuarta ( The Indonesian Actor )


Ce n'est pas une hirondelle..........!!!
 Il est comme vous désire....de l'Indonésie

Quality Roger 'Ojey' Danuarta Fashion
Quand vous souriez, la floraison des beauté fleurs poussent dans mon coeur......
lorsque vous par la façon, le vent envelopper mon âme
Pourquoi ....???

Introducing and moderate public on Otomotif development. Modern Otomotif Merchandising is implemented in story of Indonesian soap opera, especially thriller movie by Roger Danuarta.
Enjoy modern fashion which is presented with Indonesia culture character.

PRODUCTION HOUSE - Komunitas Seni Peran
Pt. Jelita Visindo Megah Film
Jl. Sawo Kecik, Raya Eramas 2000BF, B.4/ 38, Pulo Gebang, Cakung, Jakarta - 13950
P. +62 21 4800 234
F. +62 21 5305 291

Quality Indonesian leather cannot be said ' the same " as quality leather from other part. Creative idea has born in our Java Island. Feel comfortable along the day you use, keeping warm in the winter will be served well...!! Genuine motif from the real Indonesian leather.

This is Indonesian quality modern innovation. Indonesian Movie taste, Soap Opera educate people on technology touching, learning story and trust them on any modern commercial promotions. 
Centralized at  J-town, Jakarta city, Indonesia. 

Roger's Steak & Grill Restaurant 
Jl. Ruko Greenville Blok C No. 7A, Tanjung Duren - Jakarta
+62 21 333 28506

Serving : Lunch, Dinner, Coffee and Drinks 


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