Saturday, March 7, 2015


All loads and tears, hate, angries gone, melted in the presence of greatness of the God " Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa" Nothing is eternal in addition of the God, the creator of beauty, tranquility paradise ....Bali  island........

 Silence, I stepped to the court of  beautiful Goa Lawah temple. Praying begin over the ocean waves in the coastal of Pesinggahan village.

Welcome to Klungkung Regency, Bali

Sea cliffs which never deserted when sunset pick. Mood increasingly adrift amid nature, greenery hills and village atmosphere on eastern coast of Bali.

  Inhabitant who always love their natural life, always love the farm and make a living as fishermen, sellers, etc. into the color of people's lives in this part of Bali island. I love all of these, the grace of the God "Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa" was born in the peace place with the wishes of the people are quite simple. Hopefully lasting without the bad influence of modernization ......

White bird took off into the air, fly away with theirs wings freely without any load ... ..The melodies of birds songs, I would like to fly imitate the beauty of white birds, crossed and smiling all the way.

Savory fish smell coming from one of traditional food stall " Lesehan " at pesinggahan village. Traditional fishermen catch tuna fish as characterizes culinary of this village. Grilled tuna wrapped with traditional Bali seasoning, presented on Bali traditional table. 

Let come for lunch and enjoy the natural countryside with grilled tuna / satay languan " Lesehan " at pesinggahan village. 

The walkways were decorated by green grass. Uninterrupted linking villages and rural pesinggahan allure. Pikat village, we can enjoy horticultural sightseeing . Tropical fruits are very easily found in this village. Hilly  roads cover the place to calm down and release fatigue.

Why should be depressed by the pressure of modern life ??? Let rest and traveled to Goa Lawah temple,  Pesinggahan village, the village lures and enjoy the fresh air of the natural beach.

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