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Little Tree Bali 
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The sacred book of ancestral Balinese woman, exudes the fragrance sandalwood along the way of my feet stepped ..... !! All are summarized as part of Bali woman's smile until this modern innovation century.  

Bali romantic life and beauty care expertise skin, hair and face already I felt since a kid. Villagers of Klungkung, Bali were very diligent to taking care their beauty and health with natural herbal ingredients, they lived with full romantic of love, although the quality of education was not like today. They grew herbs in the garden of their houses.  

Ohhh ..... how wonderful this live in natural affection of Bali, eternal and will never be separated. Without habit " Scandal...., no PIL ( perempuan Idaman Lain), no Divorce neither......!!!".

Johnny Danuarta - Roger Danuarta
Barber Shop - Address: No. 11, Sarinah Lantai 2, Jalan M.H. Thamrin, Menteng, Kota Jakarta Pusat, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 10350, Indonesia
Hours: Open today · 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
"Bok lantang sekadi embotan blayag - shiny long hair !" was the trend in adolescence of my beautiful grandmother before the independence time at Klungkung, Bali. "Beruk" ( Gerabah / pottery ) which serves as silver coins box but  also be used as a place to store a wide variety of herbal remedies to maintain women hair , face & body beauty.

My beautiful grandmother washed her hair with herbs from hibiscus leaves or "pucuk / kembang sepatu" / hibiscus leaves and aloevera sap. Hair be kept clean, strong, black with beautiful shiny.

Hair moisture is maintained by always wearing natural hair oils made from natural coconut oil, pandan /
schrewpine leaves, cempaka flowers / Chrysolite, white pandan / schrewpine flowers and sandat flower / ylang.

Imagine how diligent  Balinese women in ancient times ...! My grandmother was very expertly made of herbal cosmetics beside of  my prestigious grandfather.

In this modern time, natural cosmetic ingredients are processed with modern technology, to create innovative cosmetics of Bali spa traditional are presented in beautiful packed. It taken from population gardens in countryside of Bali. Traditional spa products created by "Bali natural cosmetic maker" and have produced hair cream, massage oils, essential oils, body scrub, face and body masks, etc.

"Meboreh / kemulur / body scrub" is our family tradition in Klungkung, Bali  and still used until today. Materials "Boreh / kemulur" made from white rice and kencur / glese galangal or mixture of white rice, kencur / glese galangals and gingers. All materials on mash with wearing "Stone bali cream / Batu Boreh" looks like seasoning stone but smaller. Boreh / cream is used to cleanse the skin and also nourish the body as well as migrants cure.

So do not be surprised......!! Every house in my village there is a " Stone bali cream / Batu Boreh"  amid their homeyard. Betel leaf tree also thrives because our grand-parents use it for "Mebase / Mesigsig base" eating betel leaves to cleanse and strengthen their teeth.

After the leading edge technology produces a wide range of body scrubs are also made from boreh / cream, sandalwood, avocado, chocolate, coffee, carrot, papaya, kind of flowers, etc.

Sekar Jagat Bali - Aromatherapy Supply Store
Jalan Gunung Merbuk no. 8, Monang - Maning, ( Sebelah selatan SD Muhammadiyah 3, Denpasar ), 
Bali, 80119, Indonesia
Telp. no : +62 361 - 8855973

Difficulties of the dark days and full of trouble after the world battle , soap is very hard to find by, only Bali aristocrats families afford it. But the softness and hard work of my grand-parents never be broken. Flowers mashed of sandat / ylang used to clean and scent their bodies and faces. "Candu kunir/ turmeric and " Dadap" leaves paste" were also used for bathing, this tradition continued until modern times on Kuningan day " Mecandu "  by all Hinduism in my home land - Klungkung regency, Bali.

Face masks from natural ingredients, using lime fruit. Acne and radiant face masks will be generated after using the grated lime as face masker.

Now all traditional spa materials has been processed in modern technology and packed gently into a traditional Balinese Spa in the form of Face and body masks, body lotions, incense / aroma therapy, Bali natural soap, etc.

Hurry up, hurry up ...get in the art shops and shopping centers nearby, especially in Kuta & Ubud - Bali...!!

Rudy Hadisuwarno School - Bali

The water of Cenana / Sandalwood splashed on "Canang sari" / Bali offering provide natural aromatic. It is  used to cure "Swelling"  ( Luka dalam / swelling due toothache). Sandalwood is very important for Balinese in ancient times to modern technology era. Even the perfume of sandalwood has also been produced and many women love this scent

Please find it and discovered the natural softness of  Traditional Bali Spa on your face and body ... !!

Thank you,

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