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Java island where capital city of Indonesia - Jakarta city is located. Java island developing as country Research center  / innovation centers and the place of universities with international quality.

Various Biology innovations discovered by Indonesian scientists. One of their innovation is borning difference varieties of flowers which are more interesting in its scent, colors, productions, shapes, etc. All are collected  in Cibodas Botanical Garden, located in Mount of Gede Pangrango Forest Complex, Cimacan village, Cipanas, Cianjur - West Java, Indonesia.

Cibodas botanical garden is the only park in the world located in outdoors and have most plants collections. Sakura flowers plants are one of collection in this garden. Do you still remember..?? Where is the origin of Sakura flowers from..... ??? Yes, this wonderful flowers comes from Japan. This garden was founded in 1852 by Johannes Elias Teijsmann.

Welcome to Cibodas Botanical Garden - West Java, Indonesia and discover your dream flowers favorites.....from this garden plants collections.....!!!! 

Payangan village, Ubud, Bali is one of  tourist village in tropical climate with higher rainfall. The village located close to the artists village - Ubud, Bali. In rainy season, the smoke of mountain going down through and enveloped  Payangan village, Ubud. It is stunning natural scenery.

Penchant villagers for more sustainable farming, and many youths at  Payangan village are interested to pursue modernization in agriculture and plantations. Agro - tourism increasingly constructed in accordance with penchant of Payangan village inhabitants.

In this sophisticated technology future, cherry blossoms - Sakura flowers have started planting in one of the resort in Payangan village. But it is still on small scale. There needs to be more creative initiatives to cultivate interested Sakura flowers in Payangan village.  

Hi, my dears....youths village of Payangan - Ubud, let's continue the initiative to builds on creating life solutions which is more up to date ... !! SSSttttt....please never forget to put " cleaning our beloved bathroom" on your top daily schedule...!!! Hipp....hipp.....

Ubud, Bali's art village continued to show up their ability to create art craft that can attract domestic & foreign tourists, especially Japanese  tourist. Ubud village, Bali has developed and confirmed as second homes by Japanese tourists.

Efforts to preserve the culture & art  of Bali in Ubud village by establishing an art foundation at the initiative of art originating / penglisir art of Ubud, Bali. One of them is Yasa Putra Sedana Foundation in Banjar Pengaji, Payangan village led by Pengelingsir ( Figure) Jero Pengaji, Dewa Rai Budiasa. The purpose of this foundation, to preserve the cultural & arts in the village by wrapped the teens of the village.

Yasa Putra Sedana Foundations stood since 1996 and in 2011 participated at International Folklore Festival in France and performances in several cities there. The greatness of the God - "Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa", this Balinese arts groups reach the best awarded by "Committee, the International Festival of Folklore", a body under the auspices of UNESCO.

Congratulations dear...!!! 
 Hopefully you will be more successful in increasing tourist visits to Payangan village, Ubud, Bali

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Payangan village is located close to tourist interesting places as Kintamani village - BangliSudamala Waterfall - Bangli, Tirta Empul temple, Tampaksiring - Gianyar, Bali, Garba Cave - Pejeng, Bali, etc.

Tourists are not only able to rest in the place where they stay. They also can make tour program around Ubud village. For example: leisure walking  in early morning around Payangan village, visiting  villagers houses and plantations inhabitants. Rafting water-sport at Ayung river which is flowing in and around Ubud village, Bali.

Ubud is famous for their paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, gamelan (traditional music) and dance. Many tourist interesting places, village plantations and traditional markets where tourist can be visited.

Happy holidays and enjoy the beauty of scenery in Payangan village - agro tourism, Ubud - art village and Gianyar regency - Bali...!!

Tourist village is protected by Hinduism Balinese customs regulations. Payangan village community effort to preserve the youth social organization - Sekaa teruna - teruni. Villagers who have married should always follow traditional rules "Awig - awig" of each social community " Banjar".

Sekaa teruna - teruni required to participate in preparation and implementation of Hindu religion at temple ceremonies, keeping the cleanliness of temple environmental. They also active on organizing Balinese dance competitions, sports such as jogging, cycling, rafting, trekking, etc. 

The youths really active to participate in infrastructure village development in Payangan village,Ubud, Bali. Giving an positive example to villagers on build mentality and spiritual along with education & modern technology development.

Let's go Payangan, Ubud youths, Be active to build our village...!! Develop positive moral &  habits based on Balinese culture & modernization of education.

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