Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Very cold night already missed. I standed with a beautiful bed cover made in ​​Ubud. Bali motif that I love decorate dark green bed cover on a floral bed of bali.

Oops...., the day has changed into pretty morning ..... leaving my blanket at 6:00 am. I  passed through a rural road Payangan village, Ubud, Bali for jogging, unwind and treat working  pressure. Feels find lasting happiness.

I was in the middle of the green rice fields, duck sounds crowded , busy fighting over food. The farmers busy sowing paddy...... !! Wahhh .... scenery reconcile conscience ...... !! I sit and sang when white bird flashed on my head , it was pretty good looking, flying freely, so stunning .... !! Yes, Kokoan birds ( white stork )  that live in the villages of Ubud. Petulu Village - Ubud, Gianyar - Bali

Petulu village, a village that is home of hundreds of gathering Kokoan birds (white stork). Kokoan birds in his life in Ubud Petulu will arrive in the village on November to March for making a nest, lay eggs and hatch their eggs. On April chicks have started to fly and feed themselves and return to the village of Petulu at 6 pm.

Beautiful pink cloth ( Made myself  look pretty ...! ), I used it  for attended  my friend's wedding. Happy......i can be visited my friend's house in Payangan village - Ubud. Indigenous village is highly conserved with beautiful Balinese culture . "Om Swastiastu ........" the way to greet Balinese family when arrive to their home!

Ubud village as the center of Balinese art and handicraft with  high value to community who loved the original Balinese culture and agriculture. I was very impressed with the handicraft of art produced by
communities who keep simple life-style.

Ubud, Bali also always preserve the culture of cooking pork roll  / suckling pig ( Nguling Babi ). Balinese youth in Ubud are very diligent on cooking traditional dish, they are expert to cook pork roll 

( Suckling pig )  !! Let's learn to cook as the youth in Ubud, Bali ....... !!!

In particular feast, the people of Ubud - Bali making pork roll ( Suckling pig ) to create a group on preparing all the ingredients, pork and cook together.

In early morning , they began Nguling babi ( Suckling pig ). Starting from slaughtering pigs, cleaning pig skin & nails, grind spices, put wood in pigs (starting from the base of the oral cavity to the base of butt pig) which serves for turning the pig roasted at the time upon grilling. Coals made ​​from coconut husk and smeared pork by coconut oil and grated fresh turmeric, so that the meat becomes more tender.

Thank you friends ..... I always keep the memories we eat pork roll together in Payangan village, Ubud - Bali. Please love me forever like you love the culture of Nguling babi ( Suckling pig )  ................ !!  
Cheers ..........

We still know the myth in Bali Hindu society. The trust that is inherent in people's lives. But we must continue to modernize our lives, by improving education. Striving for achieving development goals prosperous society, trying to reduce the myths that make our lives so complicated / Makrepekan, a lot of fighting ( Dispute ) , a lot of diseases, made us are so lazy / easily offended as parent properties, etc.
 Let's Develop ......Develop and Develop again.........

From the southern tip to the northern part of Ubud, we find many temples with superb quality artistic. In addition preserving the art of upakara / religious offering  and cultures, people always maintain the cleanliness of the holy places and actively greening. But the type of peat soil makes frequent occurrence of landslides in the area at the time during very - very heavy rainy season, although greening has been very diligent done by the people of Ubud. Suksme semeton in Ubud, Bali ( Thank you very much to all society in Ubud, Bali...!! )  on Bali's efforts to maintain its clean water sources .......

Barong Dance is very famous in Batubulan village- Gianyar, wide range of barong mask are available at Sukawati traditional market. Sculpture of Ubud, Bali creates a variety of traditional barong masks in large and small sizes. Barong mask souvenir is very pretty and used to decorate the walls of the house.  

Do not miss out, grab Barong mask souvenirs to be brought to your own home ........

Hundreds of homes and all parts of Bali  island are adorned by the artistics temples, cave true inscription the hearts of Bali visitors. Wonders of the world which is also emitted by the mighty Borobudur temple is located in Magelang village, Central Java. Do you still remember it.... ???

Beautiful sunshine, flushed with grandeur colors of God Almighty can not dampen desires fascinated eyes into the beauty of Borobudur temple.
Central Java is also known to be one of the central area of ​​the green mussel producer. Innovation mussel cultivation continues to be developed by a fisherman in central Java.

Mussels had to be excellent cuisine Europa society. Do not tell me because it is expensive...., we have to serve delicious green mussel dishes in your favorite kitchen ............

The tears falling down on my cheek ... !! My Imagination floated up to the point of mellow, peaceful of love paradise island.......

"Rhythm of paradise" to inspire the love that missed all of couples. Gus Teja with "Flutes of love" so riveting. Works of art from artists in  Ubud, Bali. Please choose..... enchanting song from the flute of Gus Teja to add   your computability on resting space.

Ubud, Bali increasingly showed his class as art of Bali handicraft center. Bamboo handicrafts growing and  increase demand estab buy foreign countries such as Japan, America and Australia. Bamboo craft is a popular form of tables, chairs, cabinets ( Home appliances ) are decorated rattan bamboo screen, etc.

Thank you,

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