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CHUNK of STEM.....

 Gong Gender ( Balinese traditional instrument ) rhyme  adds prestige Semarapura town, the capital of Klungkung - Bali. Districts with the smallest area on the island of Bali has distinctive feel of life and different taste from the others. Besides dialect in communication, Klungkung - Bali society  have pride in simple and polite lifestyle based on the culture of Indonesia.

In this modern era, Balinese in klungkung improvement on education has increased. Living in polite etiquette and dialect becomes an habit of life in this area. The caste system in the interests of religion and civilization trying to improve life with politeness.

I am very thankful born in Klungkung, Bali as my friends always loved the simplicity and never distinguish social and economic status in their daily life. Keeping life in mutual respect each others.

Now the community is getting familiar with the modernization of earning of living, but agriculture is still a major source of income for the community. Chaos and contention in public life is increasingly improved klungkung with community economic development programs.

Kertha Gosa is a royal building located in the center of Semarapura town. Empire building was built in 1686
In ancient decade Kertha Gosa is a court in Bali or discussions place about security, justice and prosperity of  Bali kingdom.

In existing buildings Kertha Gosa and Bale Kerta Kambang. Bale Kambang surrounded by pool - Taman Gili. The ceiling of Kerta Gosa building are painting a portrait puppets latter case, as well as the the type of punishment that would be acceptable, if it made ​​a mistake. Kamasan painting also tells karma phala or as a result of the good and bad deeds performed during his human incarnation and return to the earth on atone for all the sins of his actions.

Museum Semarajaya store objects of Klungkung kingdom historic relics and objects are used by traditional Balinese customary courts in earlier times.

Shopping center at Semarapura town also very close to Kertha Gosa such as: supermarkets, shops, art market Semarapura and a large parking area adjacent to the east.

Welcome to Semarapura town .....

The entrance  of Klungkung regency is presented by a memorable cave - Goa Jepang. This cave is located in Koripan village, Banjarangkan, Klungkung. Approximately 6 km from the west of Semarapura town.
Goa Jepang is one of the tourist spots in Klungkung regency. On the roadside Denpasar-Semarapura majors, over Tukad Bubuh / Bubuh river. Goa Jepang is built,  starting from circa 1941 to 1942.

Balinese classical painting.....? Missing the art from  the past?  
Let's visit the Museum Nyoman Gunarsa .............
Museum Nyoman Gunarsa is located in Banda village, Bajarangkan district, Klungkung, Bali.Dalam There are 2 main parts on this building as Classical Balinese Painting (a collection of classic Balinese paintings) and Modern Balinese Painting (a collection of modern Bali paintings). The museum was built in 1990 and initiated by famous Bali artists Bapak Drs. Nyoman Gunarsa, in 1994

Facilities are provided, among others; book and souvenir shop, coffee shop, rest room and a spacious garden, while there is a parking area in front of the museum.

 Pasar Senggol is a contemporary Balinese night market, commonly opened in the afternoon. Typical traditional Indonesian culinary, plus a wealth of typical Balinese culinary make it as a favorite spot market of  klungkung community. Serombotan is very easy to get in the encounter of this market. Fresh vegetables ( Raw and boiled ) accompanied with delicious peanut sauce and grated coconut seasoning. 

Would you like to try typical dishes of klungkung, bali....? Let's  Dining with your family at pasar senggol klungkung......

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