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Om Swastiastu .......
Sensation experienced life with a sincere conscience eternal. Simple lifestyle, the people were friendly with the indigenous people living habits in Bali Hindu Dharma.

The northern part of Ubud, Payangan Village - Bali presenting Agrotourism for travelers. Love for the community to cattle, chickens, goats, pigs, etc make its own color in the building Agrotourism in this modern times.

Resting in the middle of the countryside, fresh air with many types of plant of paddy fields and gardens, surrounded by houses with a lively atmosphere and village houses. The tourists who traveling to the north part of Ubud's, are welcome to visit the society houses surrounding the hotel where you rest.

Dialect is typical of the community, the farming life that has become a favorite giving typical rural community in dealing with the tourists of Ubud - Bali.

"So think about you ... Boy, can't stop thinking about you....,  Boy ..... I miss you so .....!" Mmmm ..... jogging with this song around Payangan village, make heavy head disappear, forget all the dirt. Thank you dear .... for all life support, i found new life from your idea atmosphere who always keep positive to my habits, my way, my quality skill and the great thing that you always respect to all my information. Life guardian provide for me, make me feel so grateful and safe stay beside of you .... !!

"Made.... lunch meal ..... this is for you ...!" Ehhh ..... i can continue live in my paradise Bali after  several years traveling around others country ... !! I love you, will keep this healthy mind and life for meet you all in the future ..................

I can feel deep and honesty love from their life of simplicity mindset and habits are very healthy !!

Traveling  in the village of Payangan - Ubud to relieve stress and fatigue. That is instructive trekking, mountain biking around the rice fields, the wild life or village life style exploration and development of rural areas such as tropical cut flower farm - Sekar Bumi Farm located in Kerta village, Ubud - Bali.

After walking or any sport activity, we can enjoy fresh coconut water drink . We can pick-up  these  coconuts directly from the palm trees in the garden of society of Payangan Village - Ubud, Bali.

Ayung River which divides Payangan village - Ubud, has been increasingly used as a popular rafting spot by the local and foreign travelers.

I still can feel how fresh natural water flow from the shower heavenly natural Ayung river. Soothing amenity trees and lush bamboo trees add to the beauty of the panorama.
Ehh .....Ehh...... the houses in Payangan village -  Ubud fenced by
purple or pale yellow passion fruits and has a different flavor with passion fruit in supermarkets in the town    ( Fresh sweet & sour flavor ). These type of passion fruit is best used to add flavor of dessert, such as :  cake, ice cream, fruit cocktail, etc.

Why do not you try to add your beautiful kitchen recipe variations .... by choose these kind of passion fruits.....????

Hi, Friends... any information for this passion fruits supplies, please contact : 
Bapak Lali - 0812 3859443
Bapak Nyoman Ruditayasa - 0819 33071081 ( f@nyomanruditayasa )

"Rp. 2000, - untuk kopi susunya......., Rp. 5,000, - untuk biaya ngobrolnya .... !! ( The song while drinking a cup of coffee  ) " Ohhh ...... this rain does not stop as well, I have drunk a cup of white coffee. It is not complete, when drinking coffee without the origin Bali crackers. Chips from cassava, sweet potato, taro are very popular with the public for a companion snack while drinking of coffee ......

1 Dozen goats satay to maintain health and normalize low blood pressure, it is a result of the shortage of rice ...... He .... he .... !!!

  Obligations of both Hindus Dharma Bali, my beautiful grandmother always requires me help "Nyait ..... ( Make upakara for Bali Hindu ceremony! )" young coconut leafs as the main material in our Hindu ceremonies. My house has a custom which requires all ones to be able to make beautiful creations of various forms of Canang Sari. Beautiful Canang Sari full artistic creations into my passion while assist my Grand-mom....to  make upakara / Hindu offering ........

Traditional Balinese cake  made ​​from cassava, sweet potatoes and taro are enjoyed for breakfast. Young coconut leaf used for wraping Balinese traditional cake, steaming as the cooking manner. In process of making traditional cake are usually cassava, taro, and sweet potatoes mixed with sticky rice, glutinous rice flour, rice flour, grated coconut and palm sugar/ gula bali. Let's try small sweet cake of Payangan village for your breakfast and treatment of heartburn.......

"Nyuun ..... (Bring something on top of the head while walking)", I always miss the habit and  imitating mothers from Payangan - Ubud. They carry the groceries from the traditional markets with Nyuun while walking. They are very sincere and healthy once ..... !!! I feel very peaceful near by them. Waahhh ........ I was surprised with myself, but there was villager in front of me and using Balinese upon talking with dialect of Payangan - Ubud, I often confusion a lonely .......He ... ..He .......

People from the town spend their time smoking at terrace or clubbing at night club with the most hit politic issues! My family in payangan village - Ubud love plantation very well. Plantation researching while their spare time. Making plant seeds from natural grains. Do not be surprised ......when you visit to their home, in the garden behind the house there are Tamarillo trees.  My family ( here.... they are often called by the name - Tuwung Java ....). yellow and red colors into the garden Tamarillo dominance results in this area. Peppino also, is available in their garden, growing behind the house residents.
Kweekkk ... Kweeekkk .... the duck voice over food in their
cattle sheds !!! Add the peaceful of my heart which never separated from my original culture and customs as villager from Bali !!
Payangan village is the border with Kintamani village. Tamarillo is also found in the native village of Kintamani which can be achieved within 1.5 hours of traveling.

Sumsum porridge is the soft sweetness of the porridge, cure sore in my stomach. Papaya fruits with orange color  and fresh sweet taste, very good for digestive health.

Fruits cutlet was not complete without a piece of fresh papaya fruit. The fruit is very easily obtained in traditional Payangan village market and Ubud center. Young papaya fruit used as vegetables in everyday life. Lunch will be delicious, when eaten with vegetables of young papaya or Urab with papaya boiled leafs ..............

Pickled papaya / asinan pepaya  has been increasingly appreciated by the public of  Bali, in my home ... pickled papaya / asinan pepaya was introduced to a dessert buffet while ceremony such as: cremation, wedding ceremony, temple ceremony, etc.

Passion love of animals bring interest the youth in the village of Payangan - Ubud grow up their own self in agriculture modernization by working at university, continuing education in program related to agriculture and animal husbandry. 
Changed during the afternoon. 3 pm, ranchers Payangan village - Ubud had been busy mowing grass for their cows. Rumput gajah - special grass cultivated for cows as a distraction than rice.

Children come spare their time after learning and employees after working to helps parents for mowing the grass until late afternoon. Once they take care their cows, they resume activity Bali Hindu Dharma  religion - Daily  praying.  

I bought one penarak / basin of young cassava leaves and young sweet potato leaves. I always cook curry for my sisters & brothers, along with my aunt made ​​creations of vegetables from young cassava leaves with fried shrimp. Woooww ....... delicious once ......!!!!
Payangan village love cooking vegetables from young cassava leaves for grilled pork stews condiment . Farmers cultivate cassava plats with particular seasons. There is  white and yellow cassava can be found in this village. Magnifique.................!!!

Oups ....... mangoes fall from the trees , exhausted .... heavy rain fell ripe mangoes, this impromptu fortune for me !!! I make it as fresh fruits salads

Mango trees surround the village of Payangan. The roads is fenced by banana trees. Fruit trees such as Rambutan / Hairy skin fruits, Jackfruit, Breadfruit, Boni, Kaliasem, Guava, White Mangoes, Durian and many more. Fruits can try these fruits flavors at  Payangan village to be had in traditional Payangan market or the nearest fruits stall. Good luck ..................!!!

Fragrant yellow pumpkin and delicious is very important in the circle of hindu ceremonies and become favorite cake of society at Payangan village community. In the series of religious ceremonies, yellow pumpkin used as a traditional snack which must be presented in a ceremony of Subak temple / rice field temple.

Especially in Payangan village, steamed yellow pumpkin cake is still preserved until this modern times. Steamed yellow pumpkin cake made ​​without sugar. The traditional cake is provided for breakfast before heading off to the paddy around 6.00 am.

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