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Agriculture became the primary life support in Klungkung regency in this modern times. Working as a trader in traditional market of Bali also be a community solution. Rice, corn, soy, cayenne pepper / chilli, cassava, watermelon, etc. became the main results of rice paddy in Klungkung regency. The farmers here start working on their fields at 5.00 am!! Life of traditional markets have started operating from Midnight. Let's go to traditional markets in Klungkung, Bali looking for some fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and all your food needs .........

Natural palm sugar - Gula bali made from sweet wine - the interception of a coconut tree. Balinese craftsmen of gula bali are found in Dawan villages, Dawan Sub - district, Klungkung - Bali ( Dawan kelod, Dawan Kaler, Besan village where we can find Gula Bali in Klungkung Regency )  Gula Bali  became the mascot of Semarapura, Klungkung - Bali. This type of sugar is used as a sweetener in foods and traditional Balinese cakes. Almost every day the society of  Bali making traditional cakes as part of a religious ceremony as well as the food served for breakfast or teatime in the afternoon.

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Busy when starting my duty today, after attend wedding ceremony of my cousin. Yesterday I joined a tour to Bajra - Tabanan Regency is known to be very beautiful and the air temperature was always my longing, cool .........and the wind blows. We penetrate the greenery along the way, past the roads in Selemadeg village. But I was surprised this village, I saw a very beautiful Banjar hall (Social hall community) carved by Balinese design.

 Wow....great, it is cute village with coconut trees, wooden trees, rice paddy as the background, villagers life in simple way - the most live style which i need and miss as long as my eyes can see this world!!!  I was really enjoy this ceremony and tour with my lovely family from Klungkung - Bali

Bien voyager, bien santé, bien goûter....

Attaché du coco, du lait et santé......venez à bali pour trouver le paradie de la santé...., Bali.... c'est Bali.........I never entered in the dark world which is full of sorrow and evil in my beautiful paradise regions at Klungkung, Bali. Scrape mourning deprived of life, and grateful for  Ida Sang Widhi Wasa, always show me the way to make this live more comfortable.

Coconut plants are firm and full benefits grow in the farm of Klungkung society. Balinese in Klungkung increasing the skills and fond processing of food into something useful for our healthy.
Tanusan oil/ coconut oil made ​​from crushed coconut - knead for about 1 hour or more. After quite thick, milk is heated to boiling and secrete natural oils. Dregs of oil can be cooked to Pepes -  Pesan telengis that can be mixed with shrimp, vegetables, corn, etc.Tanusan oil / coconut oil contains no cholesterol and is very good for maintaining lung / heart health. Balinese use tanusan oil / coconut oil for daily cooking.....!!! Tanusan oil can be bought in traditional markets or order directly to the craftsmen of oil. Tanusan oil / coconut oil is Balinese real evidence that Balinese like to keep the way of thinking and maintain healthy habits ................

Gunaksa village, the village that runs on all fours with the passage of Balinese in  Klungkung, Bali. Fish life ranging from zero steps without power bidding for the development of life.

Plantation and agriculture became the backbone of the local economy. Coconuts, bananas, mangoes, sweet wine, pig farms, cattle, bees has become a culture of economic society. From this village also introduced the manufacture of charcoal ( Balinese term : Adeng ) which takes the basic ingredients from dried coconut shell. Young coconut leaves used as a means upakara / Hinduism ceremony, coconuts sold their crops to the contractor, Sambuk - dried coconut husk and firewood are sold to traditional markets.

Since the 70s Gunaksa village trying to improve the education level in accordance with the Indonesian republic government programs. Calm conditions make this village has a community who love to learn, working hard and humble.

Clanging sound woven from early morning until late afternoon. The weavers of traditional woven cloth -   Endek undergo daily activities in Sampalan village, Klungkung - Bali. Now this traditional weaving cloth can be encountered in the art market of Semarapura, Klungkung - Bali is open from early morning until late afternoon. The price offered varies according to the variation of motifs, colors and material. Let's come and find your favorite traditional weaving cloth - Endek in the art market of Semarapura, Klungkung - Bali

Drive from Sampalan village to the north, we will meet Satria / Paksebali village. Agriculture still stay as the main livelihood in this path. Prada, Tedung ( Traditional bali umbrella ), Ider - ider, Ulon, Kampuh, etc are handicrafts made by villager at Satria / Paksebali, Klungkung regency. Before it is main livelihood of housewife but today grow up as the main livelihood of villagers. 
These crafts serve as a means upakara Hindu Bali. In addition come directly to Paksebali village, we can find this craft in the art market Semarapura - Klungkung, Bali

Budaga village, Klungkung , Bali can be achieved within 90 minutes from the Ngurah Rai Airport  - ( International Airport, the pride of Balinese society ) . Brass craftsmen from Budaga village who are increasingly well-known international society, chiefly craft Dream Ball - when shaking the ball will give off light. Brass handicrafts made used for ceremonial purposes of Balinese Hindus Dharma - Republic of Indonesia : Bells / Genta, Bowls / Traditional Bokor , Wood handle bell, Bell stand, Silver bell, Brass bell, etc.
Main livelihood of the communities resident Budaga village, Klungkung was a farmer. craftsmen and employees.We are waiting for visitor at Budaga Village, Klungkung - Bali.

Kusamba village located in the east coast of Semarapura, Klungkung - Bali. Community livelihood as farmers of salt and fishermen. They still preserve the traditional culture of the fishing and salt production. Pondok - a small square was built as a place of salt production and Cadik boats to catch fish in the ocean. And Kusamba beach also be used by the public as a place of both Hindus perform ritual ceremonies of Bali.

Coastal scenery and unspoiled black sandy beach  stretching invites travelers to relax here. At Galungan day , Kusamba beach is visited by local tourists. They invited the family to rest and also swim at the beach and having lunch with family at traditional warung / food-stall near the beach.

Sate languan, Boiled fishes / Be Pindang , Bulung / Seaweed Pudding and Be Awan mepanggang / Grilled Fish of Nusa Penida as the specialties of  Klungkung part. Seasonings are formulated in accordance with the public favorite at Klungkung tongue. We cannot miss it, Come.....and please try your favorite at  Klungkung - Bali

Happy birthday to you......
Happy birthday to you ......
Happy birthday.... happy birthday ....happy birthday.....to you......

Thousands thank you and May God Bless You...........

Kamasan village growing into a tourist village with sculpture and paintings that have high artistic quality. This village we can find or order crafting gold, silver, carved shell casings and a traditional puppet painting with the theme of the ancient story Mahabharata, Ramayana, Arjuna Wiwaha and Suthasoma.

Livelihood in this village in general as a painter and sculpture. Art exhibition halls and sculpture from Kamasan village already opened in the west part of  Banjar Sanggingan - Kamasan village. The village can be encountered within 90 minutes drive from Ngurah Rai Airport.

Gelgel village - Klungkung, Bali where the Balinese songket weavers place with distinctive design motif island of Bali. High artistic value that indicates the level of civilization of the mothers  of Bali in Klungkung which is always trying to establish themselves. Patience has proven she can bring the island more known for the international community.

I will never cease to imitate the habits of My Ibu Bali who always taught me from starting to open this eyes and understand the world !! Matur suksma ......!! Weavers in Klungkung must devote time to fish fortune. In earlier morning going to traditional market to sell canang sari / Bali daily offering, returned home immediately to cook for their families and fill the day to weave until the afternoon.

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