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How Great My Beloved Bapak's Business Resources, My Beloved Bali Bapak from Ubud bring this island to be most wanted island of the world and invite Bali cultures lover...
My Beloved Bapak Ketut Liyer keep live in our smile and peaceful of Bali Island
Ketut Liyer was well-known for his psychic healing readings. He would conduct from his home in Ubud - Pengosekan Village, reading palms and predicting his guests’ destinies. 


International quality lifestyle, people are simple, patience and love to work hard. As the mirror of Ubud Community, Gianyar, Bali Island. Ubud, Bali has grew up and develop human quality with independent initiatives become civilized and educated people according to Balinese culture that is known by the world community.

Baraka ( 1992 ) – part – ‘ Kecak ‘ Balinese Monkey Chant
A wonderful cinematic treat, Baraka has no narrative. It uses snippets shot all over the world over a span of twenty years in 70mm Todd-AO format, and leaves the plot and connections up to you as the viewer. This visual poetry of a film takes you on a journey of long tracking shots, time-lapsed sequences and unseen footages of some of the most less – explored places on the planet. Directed by Ron Fricke, the film shows sweeping and sometimes haunting scenes, from Auschwitz to Tuol Sleng, hidden jungle tribes, and beautiful places in Bali such as the rice fields of Tabanan, Tampaksiring, Tegallalang, Uluwatu Temple, and a long dramatic kecak dance sequence against the Gunung Kawi Temple.  

Apa kamu sudah mencapai kualitas hidup seperti Ubud, Bali saya ....??

Ubud, Bali Island as the art center region. The spot which  is gorgeous, rich with a variety of handicraft artistic from the hands of skilled craftsmen in Ubud village.
Ubud community that already has Balinese culture and familiar with the human civilization since in the ancient times. In this modern era which is full of life competition, modern culture manifestations. But longer, Balinese in Ubud is lover to our Bali art & culture, agriculture is based on traditional farming system -  SUBAK.
Ubud art preservation efforts such as, dancing, painting, sculpture, architecture, etc. continue to be maintained with various government programs of Ubud, Gianyar, Bali Island. National and international festivals to be the solution of Balinese to preserve the value of Bali culture and art that well known by the world community.
Loving human's life, not only reflected on mutual life assistance. Now, Ubud Balinese civilized pour love and attention gets another Bali parts. Klungkung regency, Bali became a chain of love lives Balinese from Ubud, Bali Island. Bali life rhyme screen will never disappear by giant modern changing….

Beautiful flowers decorate dancers from Ubud, Bali. Wow ... how beautiful... !! Sculpture in every corner of villages, houses, the entrance of villages bring my imagination fly on blue skies, with stunning pretty wings......

Yoga, meditation in the middle of granted beauty Ubud atmospheres and spectacular view is the most gorgeous expectation for visitor…Welcome and continue enjoy this nature in Ubud village.  

Balinese expertise, provide beauty touch and trends of Bali Spa today. "Meboreh" as Balinese tradition and cultures in my home - Klungkung, Bali is still preserved until this modern life. Body scrubs 'Meboreh' with traditional herbs from nature such as: fresh ginger, glese galangal, white rices, fresh tumerics, cloves, black pepper, nutmeg, coriander. Bali traditional herb is able to improve blood circulation, tired, providing warmth and freshness. 'Meboreh' is very good for the rheumatic, cold, headache cure. Rheumatic cure would be perfect, if the herb cream add with small drop of  ‘ Arak bali

The peaceful afternoon, welcoming gorgeous  sunset of Jungut Batu village. Fishing boats approach the shore along with the sinking sun. Seaweed on the back of a store in the drying village - Ped, Nusa Penida island. Bali White Starling " Jalak Bali "  in Ceningan island, Klungkung - Bali, bustling chirp, fly draw the eyes can see.

The large  greenery mangrove Nusa Lembongan add this magnifique island panoramic  as grace of  Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa.

In this modern era, Bali seaweed  increasingly cultivated for herbal cosmetic materials. Seaweed is rich in vitamin C and chlorophyll. This substance is useful against free radicals, preventing premature aging, skin lightening and removing skin stains, making glow skin. Seaweed is utilized as a basic ingredient of herbal body scrubs, face masks, body lotions, herbal cream, etc.

Herbal beauty products from Bali Spa is gorgeous packed. Why you should wait…?? Choose herbal products from Bali island when you return from holiday on this thousand temples island.

Mangroves thrive in sea muddy water area. Sea cucumbers that had to be excellent as raw material for medicine and cosmetics are also cultivated in the muddy waters. Apa Teripang juga bisa dibudidayakan di pulau Bali tercinta.....???

The world travelers have made dead sea muds as nature scrubs. Dead Sea Muds scrubs used for blood circulation, cleanse and remove impurities from the pores - so that the skin pores will be clean and could breathe again and ready to receive nutrients. Skin problems can be treated by dead sea muds scrubs: psoriasis, eczema, acne (pimples), dry skin, itching, prevent wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, overcome the dehydration of the skin, stimulates the growth of new cells and treat rheumatic.

Bali sea muds will be more useful if prepared for Spa dead sea muds scrubs .... !! Have a wonderful day  

Kusamba coast, where salt farmers innovate and create crystals sea salt which are rich in minerals and nutrients that are beneficial to our health.

Sea salt is not only in use to flavor the food, but also provided  as bath salt into Bali Spa.

Bath salt from nature sea salt, mixed with a little perfume, essential oil, and color. Crystal salt artisanal "Garam laut " with high quality of traditional salt production is still preserved in salt farming communities of  Kusamba village, Klungkung, Bali Island.

Soaking in bathtub of salt water to relieve fatigue and maintain cardiovascular health, joint health, maintain healthy skin pores, etc.
Discover sea salt in Kusamba village. Crystal sea salt artisanal be your choice during visit Klungkung regency, Bali island.

Beaches flowers  "Jepun" Frangipani is always beautifully decorate Balinese women hairs. Japanese interest in offerings to dedicate the Hindus. Together with the scent of incense in the temple - the temple bali.

“ Jepun “ thrives in the areas with sandy soil structure. Various shapes and colors appear in the middle of frangipani tree leaves.

Frangipani flowers cultivated on Bali island of Bali. Besides its use for the offering of Balinese Hindus, also use as materials for making incense. Frangipani flower that contains emollients and vitamin E. Frangipani can help disguise fine lines. With modern innovation, creating natural cosmetics, essential oils, fragrances, herbal teas and skin care products.

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