Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Perennial smile you have created, "Sorghum" proofing Almighty and  starting your creative solutions and innovation in Flores Island " Ibu....". Swaying along the coast of Klungkung regency, Bali island, trying to continue this live story to Flores island, in our beloved country  " INDONESIA "

How delicious grilled of salmon appealing to visit....!!! Labuan Bajo, Flores became a new inspiration to continue traveling  to East part of Indonesia. invites all adventure lovers to explore the ocean in Labuan Bajo. 'Diving' in clear crystal undersea Flores, Indonesia 

Labuan Bajo is a fisherman village and now already moved on as a busy bustling epicenter of tourism. The sport is capital of West Manggarai, Flores. But we are still in limited for any tourism facilities and attraction for this while.

Do you have any planning to work further for Indonesia ....??? 
Especially tourism in Flores, east part of Indonesia. You should know that you can build an private facilities in this single island as part of Flores, Indonesia. It is much build marvelous tourism business. 
More over this part is port of our country fishery industry. And continue possibility to build modern sailing tourism explore.....

Komodo and Rinca islands are the place where we can meet Komodo dragon. These island become the Komodo national park. We can continue our adventure to meet Komodo dragon, upgrade sport activities as trekking, snorkeling or diving in crystal clear underwater sea Komodo island, Flores , Indonesia.

In Flores, we can enjoy relaxing in nature Kelimutu lake explore. Greenery of surrounding rich of tropical plantations on the edge of Kelimutu  lake. 3 natural colors of Kelimutu lake are proofing to us " How fantastic the beauty from the GOD delivery for our live "

Fabulous party in wonder oxtails party, accomplish with the intellectual cuisine on wine selections.Sunset cruise will become the most rapid request from visitors. It would be much easier to present in our fishery port at Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia

The seafood hot pot preserve between natural rock in island forestry of Flores. Crystal rocky surrounding seafood plate selections. The fantastic dream which you can meet in our Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia.

May GOD always be with you......!!
Through the way and the paradise will be open when we try harder to treat all the troubles............!!

Preservation of fresh fish meat by salting " Anchovies/ Ikan Asin ". It is unique tradition of Flores community that a live in fishermen village at this island coast.  
Salted fish can be stored  more then a month, and will not rot either.

Traditional Indonesian condiment will add delight dish of salted fish. Enjoy aperitifs on a glass of Champagne
serve with 'Anchovies' . Discover the delights of native fish from Flores, INDONESIA

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