Sunday, September 13, 2015


Crazy foreigners in Bali Island today 

Foreigners Trouble Maker, just create many politic issue, crowded by foreigners Crazy screaming, criminal actions, Crazy death story, prostitution, using Kuta, Bali highway for motorbike racing. create giant noise in Kuta, Bali island, Indonesia, world-class drug dealer syndicate on my beloved home KUTA - BALI, INDONESIA !! Split racist colonize, liberalism into stupid local by abundant criminal actions.

How much ....your Dollars spent to build our Tourist access in this Bali island ???
 Crazy foreigners attacking Kutanese directly to their home, wild shouting, bully, impolite fight directly to Kutanese without any reason.
We feel like stay under pressure CRAZY MODERN COLONIAL in this century 

Hindu Bali humans, especially Kutanese  is civilized, educated and cultured Hindu, Bali - Indonesia.
Kutanese has being success bring Bali island as an International tourist destination and open new breath live for Balinese. 

Why do not you realize that your citizens to colonize Bali island, Indonesia ???  
Crazy Boycott Bali Island idea was not humane ... !! 
What's the quality nation...???
Quel est nation, juste faire l'amour , juste sauvage....., juste j'ai connaître...!!! Juste des affaires et de la drogue scission dans l'île de Bali et juste fatigue......!!! 
Puis prendre sa retraite et enfin Mort...

Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka......!!!!
Please do not colonize by so many crazy idea for my KUTA - BALI, We are INDONESIAN, We are Civilized, Educated and Cultured Hindu, Bali - Indonesia. 
Bali Island in success on build an International tourist destination, because of INDONESIA country business development and spending 1000 Billions Rupiahs...!!!

Thank you, 

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