Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gentle Peace ......

Quand vous me dites .....
Tout brille comme la lumière de la pleine lune,
Ce vivent beaucoup plus de sérénité merveilleuse pendant votre sourire,
S'il vous plaît, ne laissez jamais aller ...... !!!
Tout sur moi, dites-moi, et de garder votre souffle pendant cette façon balinaise ...........

Aromatic Life .......

Golden yellow, natural savory flavors from natural coconut oil. It is favorite inhabitant for cooking in their kitchen. Coconut oil "Lengis tanusan" is cooking oil choice of population at Klungkung, Bali.
Coconut plants into cultivation option villagers besides banana plantations and other fruits. Rocky soil and calcareous, this plants can grow up well, make the greatest live chance for villagers.
Feminine hands, full of creations are busy to mix sugar, flour and grated coconut. Traditional kitchen of my grandmother became very fragrant and delicious taste  attractive  traditional cake lovers. The sweet taste, scent of coconut milk and soft cake became villagers favorite in Klungkung, Bali.

Ancestral traditions are still favored residents. Traditional Balinese  cake  is enjoyed while having  breakfast by the villagers. Delicious cake will be more interesting  if we present it  with  palm sugar sauce. Enjoy your day with traditional Balinese cake.......

Coconut milk into a natural substance essential for Balinese women  in my grandmother adolescence. She really loved her long black hairs. Coconut milk was used to clean the hair apart the hibiscus leaf herb from Bali garden.

Bali tourism is growing as the success of Indonesia on developing Bali tourism industry  which was built  since 1967 Orde Baru ( New Era )  was opened, on  this Bali island , continue develop  in my home -  Klungkung regency, Bali. Astungkara..., " Gurih nasinya Indonesia, Bapak Presiden...!!"

Welcome and enjoy modern authentic natural Bali beauty and spa. The latest innovation from Bali  island . Get natural materials and processed with modern  innovation  recipes by modern technology. Coconut become one of the basic ingredients on Bali spa products, such as :  massage oils, essential oils, body scrub, body lotion, natural soap, etc

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