Friday, November 28, 2014


Chilled Beers became the most popular tourist demand in all  hotels or restaurants where they stay for relaxing at Kuta - Bali. So, please do not be surprised if they are complain because we do not provided any chilled beers.......!!

Variations of beers that are presented to guests, getting more creative, fantastic Draft beer, beer by bottles, Beer bucket or beer by cans. Remember to prepare chilled beer for your guests......!!!

Qualified skills make the main requirements that must be owned by each during serve beers for our guests. Please Do not forget to include favorite beers on the drink list menu as: Bintang beer, San Miguel beer, Heineken beer, Carlsberg beer, Bali Hai beer, and many more .....

Cheers .... and continue Cheers at Kuta Bali forever ... !!


The tropical climate in Bali  island is no longer become problem to produce white wine. Hatten Wine has  vineyard along the northern coast of Bali - Singaraja regency. Hatten wine is produced throughout the year due tropical climate knows no " Sleep season " . Planted grape types, namely : local black grape types Alphones-Lavallee, French table grapes as well as the local white wine - Belgium and Probolinggo Blue.

AGA wine is one of Hatten wine production. Suitable local delicacy served white wine along with seafood, white meats and spicy food. Aga Wine served in cold conditions and can be used for the base of cocktails.


Natural sweetness, the content is thick and crunchy fruits with small seeds become the hallmark of Snackskin fruits - Salak in Sibetan village, Karangasem.

Bali Island with the majority population is Hinduism. Thousand temples island - Bali island requires large enough fruits supply for ceremonial purposes of Bali  Hindu Dharma.

Innovation of snack skin fruits -  salak Sibetan increasingly entered this modernization era. Fruits processed into high nutritious snacks such as: candied,  syrup, fruits compotes, fruits crackers and now snack skin fruits at Bali has become main ingredient of  Bali white wine production - Salacca wine. The color of wine is clear and wine factory in Sibetan village also make wine from purple potatoes .....

In this while Salacca wine production is still limited. Budget production and patent official issues still have to look for solutions to develop production of Salacca Wine from Sibetan village, Karangasem, Bali. Good luck ........!!! 

Nicely to invite new investment makers for Salacca Wine factory at Sibetan village, Karangasem, Bali.....

  Party Paradise with Bali Roasted Suckling Pig.

Smoking roasted pork invite more appetizing pork roll lovers. Fresh drink accomplish your dining companion to add the celebration.Crispy pork skin is showing the quality of  extraordinary pork roasting technique. Please let's open your chilled bucket with beers, wine, champagne, rose, etc until the late night...!!

  Natural Bali seasoning treat typical tongue experience fans. Freshness of cassava vegetables deliver quality vitamins in it. For the Balinese, the taste of pork roll will be more stable with extra chili and fried shrimps paste.

Do not miss the party in Kuta, Bali without Roasted Suckling Pig....!!

Wow..., Laper Bangetttt......!!! Oh GOD, I am Hungry....!!

Thank you,

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