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Ohhhh... ..... the most lovely day i feel when entered to my home. I miss on my home and taking care of  the floor cleanliness in all part of the building ( Bale Daja, Bale Dangin, and Bale Delod, Bale Dauh ), changing bed sheets, arrange all equipments for ceremony ( Sssstttt ....... year by year ....... the price of it is getting more expensive then before, we should keep it carefully and maintain the cleanliness ... !! 
 Cheers .......
Pura Goa Lawah one of the important temples in Bali. Located in the pathway leading to the beach of Candidasa - 15 km to the east of the temple Goa Lawah and Kerta Gosa.
Please Ensure you visit Goa Lawah temple / Bat Cave temple during your vacation and get the real story of Bali from your guide.

I closed my eyes perfectly, when I found you in Buitan Village, Candidasa - Karangasem, Bali. Hi, beloved seniors brothers and sisters! Hope you can save yourself from abrasion ......!!!

No others words than thank you so much for everything. Recruitment, promotion until I gain traveling sponsorship from your support! Thank you, all the trainings that has been given , cheerful habit with high social skills pave the way for further study and explore Bali tourism .....

I've found a lasting smile in the corner of the eastern part of Bali, I will always keep all happiness, my peaceful & healthy
mind also been given with a sincere brothers & sisters, remember me in the deepest of your heart ......

Thank you and I love you....... 

Alila Manggis Hotel
Buitan Village, Manggis Karangasem, Bali 80871
P. +62 363 41011

Tenganan Village is one of the traditional villages in Bali. Located in Manggis district , Karangasem - Bali (Approximately 10 miles from shore Candidasa) . Population keep rice farming in general and as a woven bamboo craftsmen / rattan handicrafts, carving, painting on papyrus were burned. Grinsing - weaving cloth is also one of the works of craftsmen from Tenganan village. Balinese in this village still use the barter system in their daily lives.
Tenganan village is one of Bali Aga village. Bali Aga is a village that still retains a lifestyle community governance refers to the traditional rules of customary village inherited their ancestors. The shape and the buildings and grounds, setting the building layout, to the location of the temple is made by following rules of customary hereditary maintained

These villagers have a unique tradition in recruiting candidates for village leaders, one of them through traditional procession mesabat-sabatan Biu (banana war).
On the specified date according to local calendar system (around July) will be held Ngusaba Sambah with a unique tradition Mageret pandan (pandanus war). In the event, two pairs of village youth will compete on stage with each slice using pandanus thorns. Although it will cause injury, they have antiseptic tubers to be covered in all the wounds to dry and heal in a few days

Salak Bali - Salak Sibetan is produced from the fruits of productive plantations in Sibetan village, Manggis - Karangasem, this salak plantations is situated on the hill - south side of Agung Mountain. Salak in Latin " Salacca Edulis".

Sweet flavor, fruit size is relatively small, thick flesh is yellow, the seeds are small and have little scales on the fruits skin. Innovation salak bali been modernized by producing  Salacca Wine, Salak candies, Salak juices, Salak jams, etc
. Please visit east part of Bali and pick-up some of Salak Sibetan from Manggis - Karangasem.       
Wine made from salak "Salaca Wine" Sustainable production of Hamlet CV at Banjar Hamlet, Sibetan village, Karangasem, Bali (www.salaccawine.com)

Besakih Temple.......

The Mother Temple of Besakih, or Pura Besakih, in the village of Besakih on the slopes of Mount Agung in eastern Bali, is the most important, the largest and holiest temple of Hindu religion in Bali

Each year there are at least seventy festivals held at the complex, since almost every shrine celebrates a yearly anniversary. Visitor can contiune to keep praying during travelling to this temple. 

Any information on traveling and praying to this Besakih temple can be followed to your tour guide.
 Happy holiday.....!!!!

Amed coast is the most beautiful beach in the tourist area of ​​eastern Bali. Suggest beginners to dive  in Amed beach. Beautiful natural panorama on the seabed will be really exciting.

Amed coast inhabited by various species of fish that amaze visitors with natural colored of fishes. Cemuluk sip is very appropriate for a district traveled with snorkeling. Here we can find shipwrecks and beautiful corals on the seabed.

Gringsing weaving cloth is the only traditional weaving cloth are made using double sheaf technique and takes 2-5 years on traditional processing. This weaving cloth comes from Tenganan village, Bali.

Gringsing motif using only three colors called tridatu. Natural dyes are used in the manufacture of cloth gringsing motif is 'scene of' (tree petals) white kepundung root bark mixed with noni as red, hazelnut old oil (± 1 year) powder mixed with water / ash wood as yellow , and Taum tree to a black color.

Ancient motifs gringsing cloth are still known include: Teteledan, Enjekan siap, Gegonggangan, Sitan Pegat, Dinding Ai, Dinding Sigading, and Talidandan, etc.

Ata craft of  Tenganan village has high artistic value and multifunction for the local community and international guests. At first glance ata craft similar to rattan. Products with exclusive performance, natural materials and has done by hand instead of machine.

Craftsmen woven ata derived from housewife, fill time while keeping the home and children. Tenganan villagers generally working as farmers and ranchers.

Ata Craft Product providing bags, ornamental flower pots, table cloths, place a basket of clothes (laundry basket), souvenirs for wedding, waste basket, basket for dirty clothes, place mats and glasses. Growing Ata craft this continues into other forms such as bags, boxes, bowls, bowl, place tissue and so travelers favored.

Imagination to achieve paradise on this Bali island is not only a dream. Rocky Panoramic resulting from the eruption of the highest mountain retreat - Agung Mount, adding natural beauty of east part of Bali island. Jalan Celuk - Karangasem is the road that connects to Singaraja regency. On the way through Jalan Celuk, we will arrive in some places such as: Amed, Nyangyang beach, Uluwatu and Suluban beach. 
Taman Ujung or Istana Air "Water Paleis" is located 5 km from Amlapura city. Precisely Tumbu village, Karangasem, Bali. This park can be visited to see the relics of Indonesian history are not forgotten .....

Australian Bali tourism Boss.... greatest thank you for all assistance  to tied my personal life. I have no coin for return back....

Thank you,

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