Thursday, February 13, 2014


Touch it for meaningful......

Batu pengulekan  / Cobek batu / Lumpang batu traditional 

My heart felt cold as cold as snow in Montreux - Switzerland at the end of this little story that store ! I can not hold back when it comes with your sad news. I only can to  say "Be patient and pray" God is fair ......It was the words from my beautiful grand-mom ..........!!!


Ehhh ....... a moment
I remembered the rocks clinking sound of my grandmother's beloved kitchen. Grandmother who loves her kitchen and always creates a Balinese dishes never be forgotten. Ingredients - natural materials sought from the garden or the traditional market in my village. Rice flour into the main raw material for my grandmother Balinese cuisine.

The tradition of wearing 'batu pengulekan' in Balinese kitchen is still used for everyday life today. Even many of restaurants - in Bali tourist places, use it to soften or make a seasoning of pepper powder.

My heart is peaceful when this beautiful stone kitchen always decorate my home, I miss you and i love you Nini .. my beautiful grand-mom.....!!

Thank you,

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