Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thank You So Much......May God Bless You.....!!!


My Dear....... nothing to say, only " Thank you So Much for your Kindness!" 
My Dear.......the world so wild when we try to meet the west to this paradise, Bali......
My Dear ....great spirit would build your heaven and no ones could touch it, it's only for you......
My Dear.......please keep your great smile, i could not forget your support. I am Balinese who come from village of bali and would always remind and keep you in my deep mind !!

May God Bless You....Mr. Sven Hauke Landtaller. Tomorrow, you would visit Bali with great success on your hand !! Keep miss to this island - Bali due i would keep live and close my eyes just in Bali!

Bali Chilli

Bali riceppaddy

Sven Hauke Landtaller

Bali pumpkin

Thank you,

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