Sunday, September 23, 2012

Where is the peace...............

Daily activity make me feel so  tired. I could not continue this live without hold on the side of greenery of plants which always show up their friendly leafs and pretty flowers which rich of colors and diamond shapes. It all build incredible heaven in my heart.

In the middle of my holiday, i try to arrange more creative schedule and useful where i could find the real peaceful of the earth.

Gardening is one of my hobby which could refresh my own soul. Beautiful flowers always grow up fertile in my home garden as : roses, orchids, frangipani, alamanda, etc. Home vegetables and fruity are the plants selections of my garden. I could cultivate banana, mango, orange, etc.

Diamond vacation which never die in my mind. May be " gardening " bear as your choice for build more creative living ............

Thank you,

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